Starbox International BV Container Parts

Starbox International BV is located in Rotterdam Holland and is very active in the sales of container parts from stock. We are specialized in container parts for dry box, open top, reefer and tank container parts.

Container Parts

With a stock of more than 2000 products, we are able to deliver most of the required container parts very quickly. Further Starbox International BV has very good contacts with the most well known container manufacturers so that we are able to deliver original container parts to the container repair depots.

Catalogue products ratchet tie downs Corner castings, safety

We can also produce various steel and aluminum products by ourselves. With our very modern CNC machines, we can cut and bend all kind of required profiles from drawing. Starbox International BV has also a good international network so that we are able to deliver container parts world- wide. Starbox International has its own truck that is doing daily transport to our customers in Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Besides container parts we also have transport related products in our delivery program like ratchet tie downs, cargo keepers and anti slip safety carpets for containers. Please if you have any inquiries than do not hesitate to contact us so that we are able to help you further.